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  Subject   : Prolight + Sound 2017
Nickname : SOVICO PRO Registered Date : 2017-03-27 16:06:59 Hit : 503

SOVICO Professional, a Korean audio management system manufacturer, is attending Prolight + Sound 2017. At Prolight + Sound 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany, SOVICO Professional's overseas sales team is looking forward to seeing visitors at the Hall 3.1 Booth #J83.


At the SOVICO Professional booth, you can see not only the hardware and software of the new DSP management system, the Matrix system, but also future product roadmaps. In the open booth stage, you can experience the newly defined audio matrix system through practical Matrix System demonstrations and applications.


The visitors to our booth will have the opportunity to see and experience the Matrix System, a new product from SOVICO Professional. Launched in January 2017, the Matrix System consists of Matrix C (DSP Controller), Matrix M (Mic Station) and Matrix W (Wall Controller), up to 16in x 24out matrix, High Precision DSP, O (12in X 6out), up to 8 mic stations, and wall controller expansion. It is an ideal Audio Matrix System that can cover medium and large scale spaces such as auditoriums and cafes to universities and railroad station.


In addition, SOVICO Professional's overseas sales team will discuss system applications for entertainment, sports, retail, and various locations that matrix systems can cover, from traditional single-purpose buildings to complex spaces. "Modern places are constantly using audio broadcasts 24/7 via a variety of programs. Audio Matrix products are not just audio playback products, but new ways to create new ways and creativity in addition to audio processing. To meet the ever-changing demands of our customers in a meaningful way, we will show you how to add value to the potential and use of high-quality audio broadcasts", You will experience the new definition of Audio Management System in Matrix System in Prolight + Sound  2017. See you at the booth. Hall 3.1 Booth #J83.

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