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  Subject   : Another Spring was coming
Nickname : SOVICO PRO Registered Date : 2017-05-30 17:34:43 Hit : 295

Another Spring was coming


Every May is the month of SOVICO’s own trade show. We call this event "SOVICO SPRING".
It is time to introduce products, company direction, and new products to major customer.
Especially, SOVICO Professional introduced new Matrix system, professional speaker and amplifier. Pro Audio Asia posted SOVICO SPRING, check this out please. Order Information:

Click Here.


No more struggling with Korean



Introduces English manual of Matrix system. You can find more detailed features, specification and instruction of the software in the manual.
You can check the connection, operation, installation and specification, etc. Check out the linked English manual.

Click Here.


Don’t lose your 50% off

Do not miss the chance to get a demo sample discount. The international version is now ready to ship. You can get a extra 50% off from distributor price.
It is limited to two sets. Evaluation, Inspection and even Investigation always welcome. Please contact us for details.


Step on International standard: CE certification



The matrix system has been CE certified. You do not have to worry about import customs now.

Please check the certificate here.



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