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  Subject   : App store / Google play, What else?
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App store / Google play, What else?


Matrix A, the dedicated software for the Matrix system, is now available in App store and Google play.
In addition to PC / MAC, iPad and Tablet PC can freely control Matrix system.
Matrix A's UI is the same for all devices, so you will never have to learn twice. J
You can also use up to 5 devices at the same time, and you can set up permission level(Master, Admin).
Experience the latest Matrix A right now with your smart device.

Click Here

appstore.png Googleplay.png


Even on our own website!



Dedicated software for PC / MAC (Matrix A) can be downloaded from the website now.
All functions and settings of Matrix System are implemented through Matrix A.
An intuitive interface design that is easy to use for beginners is also available.
Operation, Schedule broadcasting, GPIO, DSP, Built-in memory and so on.

Click Here.

HPF for the speech intelligibility, STI



Input function of Matrix System became more stronger.
To improve clarity when using a microphone, a low cut function has been added.
You can apply it easily and quickly by pressing the low cut icon in the input setup.
For reference, cut off is applied at 75Hz.



Brothers from Same Mother!!



Introducing an additional new line up of Matrix System.
Input Expander, Output Expander and 8-channel digital amplifier.
Matrix Ei, an Input Expander, is a device that can be used with 8 inputs and 8 digital media players. Matrix System can be expanded to a total of 16ch input via Matrix Ei. It also features up to 64GB of memory with a digital media player and 8 independent media players that allow users to enjoy high-quality audio sources. GPIO (12x6) is also available.
Matrix Eo, an output expander, is a device that can be extended with eight outputs. Matrix System can be expanded to a total of 24ch output via Matrix Eo.
Matrix P is an amplifier for the Matrix System. Class-D design, 1U size, Energy star, 8-channel amplifier. High / Low impedance, Bridge mode available, maximum output 280W / CH amplifier.


Rarely, Politician do the right thing



SOVICO Professional participated in the broadcasting road show hosted by the Korea Electronics Association (KEA).
Especially, SOVICO Professional's Matrix System was demonstrated in the representative theme zone.
Jay Han, CMO of SOVICO Professional, presented the latest trends in the commercial audio and examples applied to the Gyeongju Nonghyup Mutual Fund Training Institute.





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