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Ubiquitous multi-media lecture room
SOVICO PROFESSIONAL E-teacher’s table system
This state-of-the-art multi-media lecture system makes it easier to prepare hi-tech 3D lectures by supporting creation and recording of teaching materials using various multi-media equipment (Computer All in One System equipment).
You can easily install this product having a 19-inch global standard rack and equipped
with storage space and door-locking device
The tablet monitor on the top is easy to adjust angles,
providing users with easy sight. There are Touch Panel
Controller and MIC Controller as well as Patch Bay giving easy connection to a variety of external devices.
HPF(High Pass Filter) circuit used for MIC/LINE is for the purpose of preventing hauling and noise.
With a built-in protective circuit to protect the amplifier from overload including shorts or overheating, the product can be used continuously and stably for a long time.

Equipped with an electromagnetic induction monitor using a 17-inch electronic pen, the product features excellent clarity with a 700:1 brightness and a 300(cd/m2) light intensity.
The product has a 1280*1024 Pixel of definition, a significantly high input sensitivity of 1024 Level, and an 8ms responsiveness enabling quick writing recognition.

The product has a wide range of control code data for various devices.
The product allows for customized system installation and control for every kind of electric and electronic devices which are controlled by IR remote signals.

The product consists of a series of transmitters including WH-700P (Hand held) and WB-700P (Belt Pack) of 700NHz. PLL type.
Highly reliable true diversity circuit is used for the product, composed of 16 types of frequency to prevent cross.

48V Phantom MIC, Frequency Response: 30Hz~20KHz
The single-orientation MIC delivers clear sound.
Design of Economical size and installation bracket contributes to easy installation.
This 2-way product generates rich low-pitched tones and clearer high pitched ones.
Touch Panel Controller User’s Manual, e-Teacher’s Table Specification, Tablet Monitor User’s Guide and Installation Driver are included.